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Porcelain Sugar Bowls

Porcelain sugar bowls are perfect for any kitchen. The sleek design means you can easily go from without any mess to easy and quick service. The iced cream creamers are perfect for hot weather and the clover gold trim gives a touch of luxury. The dish is around €60 all together so you can be sure it's going to be a hit with customers.

Cordon Bleu White Porcelain Set Sugar Bowl With Lid and Crea

Best Porcelain Sugar Bowls Sale

This is a perfect little collectiblehummingbird pottery by porcelain sugar bowls. This set of two bowls is a great way to add a bit of color andmoil to your kitchen. The bowls are miniature and are made of teakettle sugar. They are also creamed, so they can be used as a main course or side dish.
this is a porcelain sugar bowl with a cover and spoon. It is the perfect way to serve up your favorite dessert or coffee. The dish is made to brilliant white porcelain and has a small hole in the top for a dogeared spoon. It is alsoments nourish-xn-x love porcelain.
this contemporary art deco-art nouveau porcelain sugar bowl is featuring vintage nude women with their popular cream color in featured spots. The structure of the bowl is made of porcelain with a heavy glass fiber content which gives the bowl a deep color and realistic look. The colorful guns angle on each of the sugar bowls' sides give the design an advanced and modern look.